Meraki PH | My First Vegan Leather Shoes

As I begin writing this, I’m trying to remember the face of Mikaela. I just bought my first vegan shoes, paid for it, gave the seller my number, and walked away. I am the easiest person to scam, basically.


I went to Trinoma and saw a fashion bazaar sort of thing. I’m not exactly sure what it was called. There were loads of brands. Supporting up-and-coming Filipino brands is my new thing because I find that they offer really good quality products at decent prices.

I especially noticed now that startups are leaning towards sustainability, which fits my life goal of making the world a better and kinder place. You can read this great article on how millennials will save the world from Forbes here. It’s super cool!

As I was walking around, this brand called Meraki caught my attention. As you may know if you read the blog, I’m trying really hard to live as a minimalist now that I am living out of the house. I want to keep things to a minimum.

It’s pretty simple: fewer things = more time to enjoy things that matter. 

I really hate spending too much time worrying which bag goes with which shoes or if which pants to wear to which place. I have been following this channel talking about minimalism and I love how clean and organized their life is, and how amazing it is, because of minimalism.

Unfortunately, I am a hoarder to the core. I love shopping. I love looking at beautiful things. So, my kind of minimalism is defined as having more by having less. That means investing in key quality pieces that go well with everything, shaving off time and stress when deciding what to wear or use.

Meraki PH

Meraki is a sustainable shoe brand that uses vegan leather.

They have beautiful minimalist design and to be honest, it was the right one at the right time for me. It fit my millennial needs.

They have loads of designs to choose from and these are all in neutral shades so it’s super easy to match it with everything.

I first wanted this kind of step in shoe slippers because I am lazy and it’s just so easy to go. Imagine just slipping on these beautiful shoes and running out of the house in the morning. I can even wear it on my way to yoga class.

Unfortunately, I have huge wide feet, and they look even bigger in these shoes.

It’s got a fastening at the back so you need to exert a little bit of effort when you put it on in the morning. Still, it looks super minimalist casual, which is exactly the aesthetic I’m going for right now.

Unfortunately, the straps don’t fit me well so I asked Mikaela if she could make some adjustments.


Mikaela was this cool young girl who’s super helpful and accommodating. Meraki, she said, meant passion. It was built on the ladies of their family’s passion for business and good style.

She very nicely helped me finding my one true pair during the bazaar. There are people who help you with the intent to sell, and with these people, you feel pressured to buy the product. I never felt that with Mikaela. She seriously just wanted to help you find shoes you love and I’m telling you, there’s a lot to love about their shoes.

I really wanted to try out everything because they all look so good. However, they only have a booth, so Mikaela had to go back and forth to get me my shoe size and I felt a tad guilty. So I rattled my head to pick my top 3.

After finally choosing one, I asked if I could have the shoes adjusted to fit me perfectly. Mikaela called her sister to ask if they can arrange a meetup, and thankfully a meet has been set.

The universe was on my side. 

I paid for the shoes and set out to continue shopping for things I need, only realizing much much later that I did not get a receipt or any proof of purchase, and everything may have just been a scam.

The Case for Vegan Leather

Leather is a durable material that is outsourced from animal skin. Yes, it is definitely strong, durable, beautiful, and of high quality– that’s because it was meant to protect a living creature.

Vegan leather offers us a better alternative. It retains the quality and the comfort, without the ruthlessness. Peta wrote about it here and features some very compelling case for it. My favorite? Stella Mccartney approves.

Monday Afternoon

I messaged them on Facebook because I was worried. Either nobody has texted me, I was scammed, or I gave Mikaela the wrong number. I was pretty scared so I scoured the internet and looked for Meraki’s Facebook page. I messaged them inquiring my order, hoping it wasn’t just a dream.

Monday night

When I got home, I checked my message and confirmed that I wasn’t scammed. I have the tendency to expect the worst sometimes, a really bad habit. I read somewhere that it actually attracts bad things. Not sure if that is true or not, but I’m pretty sure the unnecessary stressing doesn’t do my mental and physical well-being any good. Will really need to get rid of this mindset. Anyway, will now do my usual beauty routine. I’m developing too many premature wrinkles because of being a worrywart!


Mayo texted me. I assumed Mayo was Mikaela’s boyfriend because she mentioned he’s from UP and it would be convenient to get the shoes from him. He was what I imagine James Bay would be like if James Bay liked white and bright clothing.

He was super responsive and accommodating! Unfortunately, I panicked when I saw him because I always panic when I meet new people so I just basically grabbed the sandals from him and said thank you. He sent me a message with three turtles– ah, what a cool dude.

And that’s the story of how I got my sandals. Finally! My new babies are here.

I was trying really hard to live a minimalist lifestyle and if you know me at all, you’ll know how laughable the idea is.  I like shopping too much. However, I decided recently to invest in key pieces that match well with things I already own.

Et, voila!

The straps are definitely too long so I’ll have to cut this down. Snip snip.

I love how it’s just all black, no frills or mess. The brand is embossed and it’s not screaming for attention. Very low-key.

It’s super soft and comfortable but you can feel that it won’t let you down through good days and bad. It was surprisingly a good thing that I got this style in the end.  My feet have found their rightful home.

I always wear runners everywhere because runners are super comfortable, and if the weather isn’t too hot, I like walking around. These shoes give me the same comfort as my favorite Adidas runners. I am very excited to walk around and see the world, wearing beautiful cruelty-free shoes.

You can check out Meraki PH here. Message them for inquiries, they are super responsive!

Disclaimer: I am not sponsored to write this post. Nobody gives me money, except my mother– and that doesn’t happen much either. Ah, I miss not being an adult.


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