Let’s Pretend (It’s 2018!)

We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be.” ― Kurt Vonnegut Jr., Mother Night

I begin with stolen words. Quotes are great to begin things you’re unsure of. Plus, it’s always safer to let smarter people speak first.


What is this place? Why am I here? These are great questions that I choose not to waste my time on. So instead I’ll stick with an easier question:

What am going to do?

This question is good. This question calls for action instead of introspection. Thinking is good, sure. But doing is better. Doing gets you in questionable situations that can end up in a comfortable bed with a freshly baked batch of cookies at midnight. It’s quite surprising the reward you get when you decide to just do things without thinking. So let’s talk about what we’re going to do.

First of all, we’re going to pretend we know what we’re doing. Confidence is a learned ability and we’re going to learn that as we progress. This place is a place of non-judgment, kindness, and self-development. To rephrase that and make it more accurate, it’s a place where we pretend we are non-judgmental and that we are kind.

In this place, we are going to pretend we are who we want to be. And we are going to be amazing.

I speak in the third person, of course, out of habit. I attempt to draw people’s attention away from the “I”.  “We” is a safe word. It means one is not alone. In a way, we never are alone. There’s that second voice that oftentimes tells us we can do it. Sometimes, when the world is good, there’s that third voice that tells us maybe we can do it. We must remember these voices are ours. Taking control of these voices is necessary to take control of our lives.


The Hungry Yogini is the goal. She knows herself and trusts herself. She is constantly learning, constantly improving. She is unafraid to share who she is to the world. This isn’t a natural talent, this is a learned practice. The Hungry Yogini begins here, with affirmations:

I trust myself.

I am strong.

I am responsible for my own happiness.

I will become better.

Usually, we extend kindness and love to the people around us. Why is it so difficult to extend the same kindness and love to ourselves? Perhaps, 2018 is the year we’ll do it.

Giving ourselves affirmations is a form of self-love. Our words matter, and what we say to ourselves matters the most. If we must, we can pretend. We can lie.

I am capable. I can do this. I am doing great.

Nobody teaches us how to love and be kind to ourselves. So we must learn it on our own. And in 2018, we will learn it.

Putting Ourselves Out There

The age of social media is the perfect time to pretend. Pretty pictures and pretty words are all over the place. When we can choose to be whoever we want to be, when we can pretend to be anyone, why do we pretend to be weak? Why do we pretend to be less than the amazing people are? Why do we pretend to be..not awesome?

We need to stop pretending that we are powerless against what’s happening around us. And we need to stop pretending it’s okay. It’s 2018. This is the year we try. (It has taken me this long to notice I have been using the third pronoun again. It is a form of self-defense. I will not edit this so I can look back to this in the future where using the pronoun “I” comes naturally to me.)

I want to contribute something. I am not sure what I can contribute yet but I sure as hell, will try. The world is complicated and beautiful. Here is a picture of it:


I am not sure yet what I am good at. Maybe I should give drawing a try? As with all other things, there is definitely space for improvement there.

Now, how do we make things better?

With love, 

The Hungry Yogini






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