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On my way to yoga class, I passed by a big pink poster. Printed on it were the words  Anniversary and 50% off. I was sold.

Enza Nails & Spa celebrates their anniversary this month. For the whole of October, their services can be availed for half the price! I have always been a sucker for promotions, so I decided to try this new nail salon.

First, I’d just like to commend that they have the nicest and most accommodating staff. The place feels very homey and because there wasn’t a lot of people during my visit, I could see the staff interacting like family.


I availed the Foot Scrub and Mask with Manicure and Pedicure. I wasn’t exactly sure what it is called. The service was definitely good, I just hope that the mask was more moisturizing. I have very dry feet! Still, it was moisturizing enough. There was an overwhelming number of colors to choose from.

Weirdly, they do not use any top coat so it takes time for the polish to dry. I’m not exactly an attentive person, so you can see how I ruined the polish minutes after its application. I guess I found my special talent right here.

To avail this promotion, you simply have to share a picture of your experience on social media. Easy Peasy. Promo runs until the end of the month!

I visited their Il Terrazzo, Quezon City branch. To know more about them, you can check their Facebook page here. You can call their branches here: Congressional – 544 3741; Makati – 568 9533; Ortigas – 512 2697; Katipunan – 544 3133


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