Catabolic Cafe

I’ve been wanting to try Catabolic Cafe since it first opened. They had chicken and waffles on the menu and if you knew me at all, you’ll know I will never ever say no to these two. Separately, they are unbeatable. Together, I didn’t know. I wanted to know. Unfortunately, because I was only a student then, I couldn’t afford it.

Catabolic Cafe is located at Malingap Street, away from the lively, sometimes raucous, atmosphere in Maginhawa . The place looks expensive,  professional– yes that is the better word. It has lots of grays and creamy whites with sharp, modern furniture. Heck, even their logo looks professional.

Their menu is minimal– a good mix of pasta dishes, sandwiches, and intriguing desserts.


We ordered the Chicken and Waffles (finally) and I have to say it lived up to my expectations. The butter was rich and smooth with hints of strawberry. Although, the waffle is good enough alone. The chicken was juicy and soft, lovingly fried. It was absolutely delicious, and I know in my subconscious, sinful. I could have eaten all of it.

The truffle sardine pasta tasted along the borders of ordinary. I mean, it was good, but for the price, I wanted it to be mind-blowing. We got one for sharing, but again, I can eat it all by myself even when I’m not hungry. Okay fine, it is pretty darn good.

The selling point of the place was definitely it’s relatively remote location. It isn’t as crowded as the cafe in Maginhawa. It offers a good balance of comfort and professional surrounding that could trick your brain into getting things done. Although, they have a very erratic playlist that I hope they’d curate.

I went back with my friend to chat and talk about future life projects. There are so many things to do, and they are all equally exciting and scary. Surmising about how confusing it is to choose a career and the difficulties of desiring a remote work when you grow up in a traditional setting is fun to do with a friend. As you already know, friends who suffer together sticks together.  


Flat White (140) strong espresso base (3/5)

Mocha (150) I am not sure how to describe this. Perhaps, I little bit tarty? I find the taste odd and unsuitable with the sweetness of the apple pie. (2/5)

Apple Pie a la mode (170) – I love warm and sweet desserts with a cold ice cream on top. This is a comfortable dessert that unfortunately didn’t stand out in the category of comfortable desserts. (3/5)

Now, on to really important things.

Sockets? yes, a lot.

Wifi? 3.58 mbps

A Clean, Well Lighted Place Meter: Definitely! I love the huge glass windows that allow ample natural light in.

Sustainability Meter: They served the cold drink with a straw without asking. I should really remember to say no plastic upon ordering next time. No vegan options.

Ongoing Promos: none that I know. They had an eat-all-you-can just last month, I believe.

As usual, I end this post with a quote to pretend that I am an intellectual. 

“I’m starting to think this world is just a place for us to learn that we need each other more than we want to admit.”

Richelle E. Goodrich, Smile Anyway


The Hungry Yogini

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored, although I hope it is.


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