My Brazilian Experience at Pink Parlour

Hello, girls (and maybe even boys)! Today, I would like to talk about this thing a lot of people are afraid of — waxing. And not just any kind of waxing. We’re talking a full on Brazilian wax here.

Okay, for boys it’s called Boyzilian, but it’s basically the same.

What is Brazilian Waxing?

Brazilian waxing is the process of excruciatingly painful removal of pubic hair. I’m just kidding. It is the removal of pubic hair by either hot wax or cold wax. No, it is not excruciatingly painful, but we’ll get there later. Some benefits of Brazilian waxing involve the following:

Some benefits of Brazilian waxing involve the following:

  • We, unfortunately, live in a society where female body hair is “unfashionable”
  • Hygiene – it’s associated with that “clean feeling” “down there”
  • Smoother and finer hair growth
  • Waxing pulls the hair from the root so the next hair growth would be faster and slower as time goes by.
  • Convenient

This is definitely superior to the other method of grooming which is shaving — a low-key evil act that leads to stubbles, more ingrown hair, and also courser and thicker hair.

Any reason why you shouldn’t have a Brazilian?

Well, our pubic hair is actually there for a purpose. Yes, there’s a reason for everything. In the case of pubic hair, they are a layer of protection. We all know that the pool or beach is not exactly the most hygienic place. Plus you’ll be sitting on the ground which means you might want to have that extra protection down there.

If you’re worried about that you can have a triangle trim. You’ll be basically leaving a triangular patch of hair in your pubic area to defend you against bacteria, allergens, and evil pathogens.

Now, you don’t need to have a Brazilian. I’m simply presenting some facts. The point here is, you can do whatever you want, and you should— as long as your not hurting other people.

Now, yourself is another subject.

Does a Brazilian hurt?

Well, I went to Pink Parlour recently and they promise that their Brazilian is almost painless.

Of course, I was terrified.

ALMOST painless?

What do you mean?

I am a person who is not exactly fond of self-inflicted pain. I avoid pain as much as I can. But for reasons too personal to discuss here, I wanted to get a Brazilian. So I put on my best courageous face and I booked an appointment.

And to answer your question: Yes, Brazilian wax hurts.

My Pink Parlour PH experience

Because I’m bad at describing places, I took a picture.

I got a morning schedule because I want to get things over with early. I called to book a schedule but you can also book a schedule on their website here.

I didn’t take any pain reliever because I wanted to know if it really is “almost painless”.  During the session, I asked the staff if it would have made any difference, she chuckled before saying it doesn’t.

Unfortunately, the procedure wasn’t even nearly “almost” painless.  It was painful. Not a horrifying pain, not really. It was the kind of immediate pain that’s gone after you realized it was there at all.

Because you have to pull the hair from the hair follicle, the pain depends on the person’s tolerance and the thickness of hair. However, doing this regularly can lead to finer hair, which leads to less pain.

They use two kinds of hot wax. And they do not double dip.

The staff was very nice and friendly. She’s pretty knowledgeable about different waxing techniques– hot and cold wax, IPL, diode, etc. Weirdly, she wasn’t wearing a uniform.

The SM North branch feels like home. They have a shower (only a shower in the bathroom), they have unwashed dishes in the sink, they have a coffee maker on. It was rather an interesting experience.

After waxing you’re supposed to put a tea tree-based lotion on the area for two weeks. I didn’t buy the lotion because I’m a bad ass and also because it’s pretty expensive. Granted, their products were huge:

More about Pink Parlour

From their Website:

Established in 2005, Pink Parlour entered the grooming scene in Singapore as the rebellious counterpart of day spas in a hip and groovy setting amidst party establishments along Mohammad Sultan.

On a mission to empower women to take control of how they can look and feel, Pink Parlour was dedicated to offering beauty treatments that enhance confidence – today it has over 60,000 clients across the region a testament that Pink Parlour keeps it promise and does not disappoint.

Dominating the waxing and grooming scene in no time, Pink Parlour set itself apart from the competition – having pioneered premium services such as top-of-the-line Brazilian wax treatments, its distinct specialty in male waxing and spray tanning offerings in Southeast Asia. Famed for its hair removal solution, Pink Parlour was the first to introduce the use of gloves, no double dips and anti-bacteria fumigation – setting industry standards experienced across the island today.

Professional waxing techniques and procedures were also introduced to reduce discomfort while waxing and being time efficient for busy clients.

That last bit is super important. Perhaps, it’s the most important thing. Because we’re dealing with sensitive areas, sanitation is key to ensure a comfortable experience long after we finish the session. Without good sanitation, bacterial risks can lead to *places and experiences I don’t want to get acquainted with*.


I honestly like this method better than the cold sugar wax. It’s a lot faster and cleaner. Cold sugar waxing repetitively pulls on your skin, which I don’t really enjoy. I prefer this fast and quick process.

Many people are afraid of the pain aspect of waxing that it is honestly gone so fast. Yes, you’ll feel it but after that, you’re like: where did the pain go?

Remember: what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Sort of.

You can visit Pink Parlor PH at the following branches:

SM North Edsa The Block
A.Venue Makati
Eastwood Mall
You can also visit their Facebook page here.

Pink Parlor have a 50% off promo for first-timers! Instead of paying the regular 1,000 pesos for Brazilian, first-time clients can avail it for 500 pesos only. It’s only until the end of August so don’t miss out!

I hope you enjoyed reading!

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