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I have been doing yoga a lot lately but I felt that my body wanted to go back to weightlifting. I have tried weight lifting a few times before when I was in Davao. I noticed how fast it changed my body– I feel a lot stronger and more toned. Most importantly, I feel my core more.

My core is my weakest spot. It’s difficult for me to engage my core. Now, this is super important, because, in all exercises, you’ll need to engage the core to make sure you’re not hurting other parts of the body. It’s easy to compromise a pose in yoga or other exercises by cheating– using your neck or your back or your arms to do a pose better instead of drawing power from your core. Please don’t do this. It’s because of this reason that I’ve started having lower back pain, so I know now not to force myself if I cannot engage my core.

I think for some people, this is easy. But, well, every body is different, and for me, this is something I have to really give special attention to.

Moving on.

The gyms in QC do not come cheap. And to be honest, I’m scared to commit to a gym. I’m planning to try out guava pass, which I will be writing about in the future, but that isn’t exactly cheap either.

So, I did what any smart and practical millennial would do and I searched the internet to see if I can use a gym for free. And here I am now, giddily writing this post after an awesome post-gym meal ( Of course, I prioritize food over writing. Post-workout meal is important. It’s not lazy, it’s science!)

Anytime Fitness has lots of branches nationwide, worldwide actually. It promises first class experience through high performing machines, clean area, 24/7 member access, and well-maintained facilities, and professional coaches.

Boys and girls, it did not disappoint.

It was amazing.

I visited their Maginhawa Branch and because I’m very bad at describing places, I took pictures.

I went on a Saturday afternoon and there’s not a lot of people. Everybody’s quiet and focused in their own work. It felt like a place where no one will judge you because everybody is too busy working on themselves. In short, it’s a good place to exercise.

There’s a lounge area when you open the door and I noticed they don’t really have a lot of staff. I went into the office to introduce myself and tell them I’m here for the trial sessions.

I was waiting for a long discussion where their staff bombards me with their packages like what happened to me before. It didn’t come. The nice lady only asked me for my ID. Sign up and then she let me go.

This is how it should always be, I thought to myself as I happily trotted towards an empty treadmill machine.

I walked and jogged. And it was the most comfortable jog in a treadmill I’ve ever had. It also records your pace the whole time so you can track your progress and all the pace and incline changes you’ve made during your use.

They don’t need to sell the place, the place sells itself.

Next, I was ready to go to the weightlifting area and was shocked to see not one, not two… okay this might take a long time. They had 8! 8 weightlifting areas. Aside from their machines. They had kettle ball racks, medicine ball racks, and other exercise equipment racks that I haven’t familiarized myself with yet.

I also didn’t know how to adjust the height of -that place where the dumbbell rests when not in use-

I asked a coach and he patiently told showed me how to do it and to be careful of not hurting my hands.

I may be wrong but I also saw him checking if my form was correct and was quite happy when he started to walk away with an expression that says ‘okay, that person knows what she’s doing, good job!’

I deserve a muffin.

But not yet.

I did 3 sets of my usual weight lifts, a couple of lunges, abs, and also finally tried this:

I’ve always wanted to try this since I saw Solenn doing it. She looked so cool. I tried it and I’m pretty sure I looked like a dying jellyfish.

And I didn’t feel bad or insecure because everybody else are too buys kicking their butts (and dying in their own way, I presume).

It was a good death.

Now, to summarize:


Staffs don’t force you to buy anything. Doesn’t sell anything.

Helpful trainers

First class equipment

Bathroom/ shower

Lots of mats for yoga and exercise

Yoga mat surprisingly has food traction-no slipping here.

Yoga/exercise room is well-ventilated.

Mirrored room for posture check.

Air conditioned so it’s good to stay in the lounge when it’s too hot outside.


Limited exercise classes

Dirty foam rollers (I only spotted this because I really wanted to foam roll that day)

Overall, I had an amazing gym session and I was completely sore the next day. The service was amazing and I’m definitely looking forward to coming back again. You can also check out my yoga experience at Anytime Fitness here.

For members, they can access the place 24/7 but for the free trial, you can only use it 10AM-6PM on weekends and holidays and 8AM-8PM on weekdays.

You can get the free trial pass here.

You can use the gym only once per day, for 3 consecutive days. Although the super nice staff allowed me to use it twice on my first day, probably because I looked heartbroken when I learned there was a yoga class much much later.

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This post is not sponsored. Except by mother, who very nicely and willingly paid for this blog. Thanks, Ma!

Is there a gym you’d recommend? Please do tell me in the comments section below!

I hope you enjoyed reading!

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